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Alternative Housing Ideas Challenge: Reimagining how we live

Sydney faces an unprecedented housing availability and affordability problem.

To address this issue, the City of Sydney made a bold move. We invited the public to put forward its best ideas to re-imagine housing in the future.

The Alternative Housing Ideas Challenge attracted international recognition with over 230 submissions. Our panel of experts shortlisted 7 finalists from Australia and around the world.

Those selected provided innovative models that would increase alternative and affordable housing supply across the city. These models ranged from financing, design, building, ownership and management, and are expected to provide the City with lessons for future projects.

On 15 November, as part of the Sydney Architectural Festival, these 7 shortlisted ideas will give us insight into their ideas and the inspiration behind their work.

With a panel of experts, we’ll examine how these projects could work and discuss what the future of housing could look like.

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