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City of Sydney parking enforcement during the Covid-19 pandemic

The City appreciates that these are difficult and uncertain times.


As the impact of Covid-19 has shifted, we have done our best to respond appropriately.

It is important for the City to balance the needs of our entire community – all our residents, businesses and visitors.

Parking enforcement helps us manage issues of safety and risk, but also help us encourage drivers to move on so space is fairly available to all. This is essential for both our residents and our local businesses that require parking turnover.

More people are working from home than ever before, putting increased pressure on parking availability in our residential areas. Many are also choosing to drive to work, relying on the same limited parking availability.

This has placed unprecedented pressure on our parking spaces – pressure that would only be exacerbated if we relaxed restrictions further.

The City is unable to provide free parking permits for all city workers as this would result in unmanageable parking pressure and generate a significant increase in traffic congestion as cars circle looking for parks.

We need to enforce parking restrictions to ensure our limited street parking is fairly distributed.

We thank residents and workers for their understanding during this difficult time.

Disputes about parking fines should be directed to Revenue NSW.

Published 1 June 2021, updated 25 June 2021