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Garbage truck fire a reminder to correctly dispose of batteries

There are risks of improperly disposing of batteries.

A garbage truck fire in the city centre on Monday afternoon is a reminder of the risks of putting batteries into household bins.

After the crew noticed smoke coming from the vehicle’s waste compactor, the contents of the truck was offloaded onto Hay Street.

It is suspected the fire was started by household batteries, which were incorrectly disposed of in household bins.

The truck's crew were forced to dump the contents of the compactor after smoke was spotted. Photo: Nic Cook

Clean-up crews removed the dumped rubbish and re-opened Hay Street promptly.

Batteries should never be placed into red lid rubbish bins or yellow lid recycling bins. You can recycle batteries in several ways, including:

  • our community recycling stations at customer service centres, libraries, community and recreation centres
  • household chemical cleanout events
  • our quarterly Recycle It Saturday events
  • Ultimo recycling pop-up.

Learn more about how to recycle your batteries safely.

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