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Have your say on our delivery program and operational plan

View our draft integrated planning and reporting documents and provide your feedback.

We’re seeking feedback on our draft integrated planning and reporting documents for 2022/23.

Our draft delivery program 2022–26 outlines the activities, projects and resources needed to progress the goals and targets within our draft community strategic plan: delivering Sustainable Sydney 2030–2050.

The delivery program proposes the key 4-year actions that align to the objectives of the 10 strategic directions of the community strategic plan.

Our draft operational plan 2022/23 details our projects and programs for the next 12 months, including the annual budget, proposed rates model and fees and charges.

Our draft resourcing strategy 2022 identifies how we'll use our resources – financial, workforce, asset management and technology – and engage our communities to achieve the goals in our community strategic plan including land use planning.

View the draft documents and provide your feedback

You can view the draft documents and give your feedback at

Submissions close 5pm on Monday 13 June.

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