A new cycleway and improvements for Castlereagh Street

We’re transforming Castlereagh Street with wider footpaths and more opportunities for outdoor dining and a safe, separated bike link for riders.

Changes to bus routes make a promenade possible

Recent changes to bus routes have shifted a large number of buses from Castlereagh Street to Elizabeth Street. The reduced bus traffic creates an opportunity to make Castlereagh Street a low-traffic promenade, with greater space for people to walk, ride and dine.

A cycleway on the western side of Castlereagh Street will provide a safe connection for people riding between the city's north and existing bike links in the city's south.

A new cycleway connection

A 2-way cycleway running between King and Liverpool streets will fill a missing link in the cycleway network. The separated cycleway will connect to the new King Street cycleway in the north and the Liverpool and Castlereagh bike lanes in the south.

The proposed Castlereagh Street cycleway, shown in blue, will link in the north to the Pitt Street and King Street cycleways under construction, shown in green. In the south it will connect the Liverpool Street and Castlereagh Street south cycleways, as well as planned new cycleways on Oxford Street and Liverpool Street east.

The existing cycleway on Castlereagh Street south sees around 4,000 bike trips a week. It is expected this number will more than double when the Castlereagh Street cycleway is extended.

The proposed changes to Castlereagh Street will expand footpath space, making more room for people walking and outdoor dining.

More footpath space and a nicer environment for people walking

People walking account for three-quarters of trips on Castlereagh Street. Pedestrian activity is set to grow with the opening of the Pitt Street Metro station in 2024, which will have an exit on Castlereagh Street.

Our proposed changes to Castlereagh Street will almost double footpath space, open up more opportunities for outdoor dining and increase tree canopy. The separated cycleway will also create a buffer between people walking on the footpath and vehicle traffic.

An artist impression of the proposed changes to Castlereagh Street, looking north from Liverpool Street.

Vehicle access maintained

The new cycleway was designed in consultation with Fire and Rescue NSW to ensure uninterrupted access for vehicles at the City of Sydney fire station.

A peak hour bus lane will also remain, along with accessible loading zones on the eastern side of Castlereagh Street and a designated drop-off/pick-up point for the Castlereagh Boutique Hotel.

Have your say

You’re invited to provide your feedback on our proposed design for Castlereagh Street. Consultation is open until 22 April 2022.

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