A new quiet way in Rosebery

We’re proposing to create a calm, low-traffic environment along Primose Avenue, Confectioners Way and Spring Street.

The new quiet way will encourage active transport, including walking and bike riding, on an important north-south route between Rosebery and Zetland.

Angled parking will be introduced to narrow the street, along with new tree planting, garden beds and road treatments to reduce traffic speeds.

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Reducing through traffic

Traffic volumes will be reduced and the safety of people walking will be improved by closing Spring Street at Epsom Road and closing Primrose Avenue at Gardeners Road. Blocking direct turns in from these busy, major roads will reduce ‘rat running’ while retaining vehicle access for residents.

An important active transport link

The new quiet way will provide a safe, direct route for people riding, and an improved environment for people walking, between Rosebery and the community hubs of Green Square plaza, Gunyama Park Aquatic and Recreation Centre and East Village Shopping Centre in Zetland.

The quiet way feeds into new bike links in Green Square, such as this cycleway on Zetland Avenue.

The quiet way links with new and existing bike networks, including to the new Gadigal Avenue and Potter Street cycleway that offers a safe riding connection from Zetland to Taylor Square.

The cycleway on Dunning Avenue will remain in place until May 2023.

Dunning Avenue pop-up cycleway

The existing pop-up cycleway on Dunning Avenue will be removed by May 2023.

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You can share your feedback on the designs until Monday 11 July.

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