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A whole new world for one of Sydney’s greatest nightspots

We’re working with Sydney Fringe Festival to breathe new life into a former Kings Cross institution.

Sydney Fringe crop

For almost 20 years it served as one of Sydney’s best nightclubs and live music venues until it closed in November 2018. But Kings Cross stalwart, World Bar, has been given a new lease of life, opening as a multi-venue, open access arts hub.

Under the moniker Fringe HQ, the venue features 4 low-cost performance spaces over 3 floors. It provides independent artists with affordable workspaces and a downstairs bar, Dulcie’s.

Funded by the City of Sydney and NSW Government, Fringe HQ will operate in a 6-month pilot project. It’s spearheaded by Sydney Fringe Festival, which celebrates local independent and emerging artists, art makers and performers.

If successful, the project could generate a viable business model for other creative organisations looking to activate new, permanent performance spaces.

Festival director and CEO of the Sydney Fringe Festival Kerri Glasscock said having non-curated spaces open to all artists is essential for maintaining a healthy arts industry.

“The Fringe HQ project has the ability to double the existing current theatre activity in Sydney.

That’s more shows, more voices and more Sydney stories reaching local audiences than ever before.

“I hope the independent arts community and audiences alike embrace this space. I look forward to welcoming everybody to Fringe HQ!”

Sydney Fringe Festival allows audiences to explore unique entertainment and supports the growing need for open access, affordable and non-curated performance spaces.

The festival runs each year from 1 to 30 September, with more than 2,000 independent artists at more than 60 venues.

Learn more about how you can hire Fringe HQ.

Published 27 August 2019, updated 4 December 2019