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Affordable city studios seek passionate artists

Create your next masterpiece at one of our live and work spaces.

Affordable city studio William Street

Applications are now open for our creative live and work spaces program which provides affordable studios for artists to live and work in the inner city.

The City of Sydney has long recognised the challenges facing artists when seeking affordable space to live and work locally. Since 2013, we’ve offered subsidised residential leases in our properties for artists to live and work from the same premises.

We’re now seeking interest from artists to apply for an 18-month period from February 2023. You’ll need to demonstrate a relevant creative practice to pursue throughout the tenancy and tell us why you would benefit from this unique opportunity.

Our aim is to foster opportunities for cultural, creative and commercial exchange that may otherwise not be possible in the inner city. This opportunity allows artists and creatives 18 months to focus on their practice in a focused and relaxed environment supporting their projects.

Apply online by 5pm, 4 November.

Published 12 October 2022, updated 13 October 2022