An update on Sugarcube Apartments and Honeycomb Terraces

The latest information on the Erskineville development.

Sugarcube Apartments and Honeycomb Terraces were approved with strict conditions.

We approved the construction of Sugarcube Apartments and Honeycomb Terraces on the old Ashmore industrial precinct in Erskineville in September 2015.

This approval came with strict conditions the developer, Golden Rain, had to follow before starting construction.

These conditions required the developer to remediate the site due to contaminated groundwater and the presence of heavy metals, hydrocarbons and asbestos.

The remediation had to be carried out in accordance with a remediation action plan approved by an independent site auditor.

The developer did not meet these conditions before starting work.

The City of Sydney contends that the developer went ahead with construction without meeting all these conditions.

We held numerous discussions with the developer. The developer proposed a number of environmental management plans that would make the City of Sydney and future residents responsible for ongoing monitoring at the site.

We’re reviewing the latest risk and contamination results.

The developer has provided further test results of the contaminants on the site and an assessment of the risk following our requests.

We’ve advised the developer to put in an application to modify the current development approval once the environmental management plans are in an acceptable form.

We’re currently awaiting a detailed plan from the developer as to how the site can be acceptably managed going forward.

What the purchasers of these apartments can do

We understand this has been an incredibly frustrating experience for the purchasers of these units and terraces.

Purchasers are encouraged to seek their own legal advice if they are concerned about the ongoing issue.

We’re aiming for a solution that doesn’t negatively impact future residents and the public for many years to come.

We’re hopeful of reaching a solution that will see these apartments occupied soon.

We’ll continue to work with the developer until we’re satisfied they’ve taken all necessary steps to ensure the site is suitable for purchasers to move in.

We encourage all purchasers to contact the City of Sydney so we can put you on a contact list and keep you updated.

If you would like more information, please contact the City of Sydney on 02 9265 9333.

Update: Friday 13 September 2019

We are aware that NSW Environment Protection Authority (NSW EPA) has written to the developer requesting further information to complete its assessment of contamination on the site.

The EPA has asked for further analysis to assess whether any contamination has migrated off site. The developer must submit a strategy to the EPA to address these matters.

The City is presently awaiting a response from the developer to our most recent correspondence and will continue to liaise with the EPA and provide any assistance it requires.

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