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Becoming a disability confident recruiter

We've been awarded disability confident recruiter status by the Australian Network on Disability

Disability confident recruiter

The disability confident recruiter program helps organisations identify and remove unintended barriers to inclusive recruitment. It builds an organisation’s confidence and capability to attract and support skilled candidates living with disability.

The process involved assessing our recruitment systems, processes and the accessibility of our spaces. It also reviewed our ability to provide alternative and inclusive job ads, position descriptions and contracts.

“We’re very proud to be recognised as a disability confident recruiter,” says Sileana Cochrane, Recruitment Services Team Leader. “It’s an important part of our Inclusion (Disability) Action Plan and central to our journey to improving access and inclusion for people with disability more widely.

“We’ve learned a lot through the experience, and it’s taken some time to achieve this milestone. It’s helped us make positive changes to attract, recruit and retain skilled candidates with disability and to ensure we don’t miss out on great talent in the future.”

Among the changes made as part of the program, we’ve ensured our recruitment pages are accessible and vacancies are available in alternative formats.

We’ve also put processes in place to support candidates’ preferred methods of communication, with a point of contact for applicants who need support or adjustments.

“This is just the start,” says Sileana. “We look forward to building on these results to create a more inclusive workplace.”

Find out more about AND's Disability Confident Recruiter program.

Published 12 August 2021, updated 13 August 2021