Bike riding a Covid-safe transport option for essential workers

Tips for safe riding in Sydney during the pandemic

With several Covid-19 positive cases recently identified on public transport, the NSW Transport Minister Andrew Constance recommends essential workers look for different transport options, including bike riding.

Essential workers are being encouraged ride a bike, rather than taking public transport. Photo: Chris Southwood / City of Sydney

Bike riding across Sydney has grown rapidly as a Covid-safe form of transport and exercise. We saw bike trips more than double in some parts of our local area in 2020.

The Pitt Street pop-up cycleway will soon be a permanent addition to the bike network. Photo: Chris Southwood / City of Sydney

We've provided new cycleways and bike links to make our bike network easier and safer than ever. This includes 6 new pop-up cycleways to make it easier for people to access work and essential services and exercise safely. There are now more than 22km of separated cycleways across the city.

If you're new to bike riding in our local area, you'll be pleased to find more than 22km of separated cycleways and 60km of shared paths.

If you're new to bike riding in Sydney, here are some resources to help make your ride an easy and safe one.

Get a bike route map

You can download or order a free copy of our Sydney cycling guide and map. With all of our cycleways marked, shared paths and low-traffic streets, it can help you plan the best and safest route.

Join a bike community Facebook group

The Sydney Bike Commuters Facebook group is a friendly community where you can ask questions about riding and route choice.

Explore the bike network’s many features

From shared intersections to activating the bike lanterns at intersections, read about some of the bike networks less-common features.

See tips on riding and communicating

If you're riding a bike for exercise, please check the latest public health orders. These may restrict where you ride and who you can ride with. Make sure you keep your physical distance and wear a mask in line with public health orders.

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