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Celebrate Wear It Purple Day

Supporters wear purple to help shape a better world and celebrate diversity and young people from LGBTIQA+ communities.

Wear It Purple 2019

The last Friday of August each year is Wear It Purple Day. This year it’s on Friday 25 August.

The day includes numerous events and is all about celebrating and supporting young rainbow people while challenging existing societal attitudes.

The City of Sydney is partnering with the NSW Police Force on Friday 25 August for Wear it Purple in the Park. The event at Prince Alfred Park welcomes the community and young people from high schools and universities in the area to raise awareness of the issues faced by young people of diverse sexualities and genders and intersex people.

The event will bring to light the high incidence of mental health issues, access to safe housing, and garnering support and acceptance from community, family, friends and allies.

On Wednesday 23 August the City of Sydney is also running Wear it Purple Wednesday Games at Reg Murphy Community Centre.

This event has been designed by young people for young people, who are invited to join the different activities including:

  • a rainbow Road Mario Kart Tournament
  • party boardgames including One Night Ultimate Werewolf, Sushi Go Party and Exploding Kittens
  • jackbox games
  • cupcake decorating
  • and lots more.

All are welcome and both events are free.

Published 11 August 2023