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With the clear mental health benefits of a short walk or being amongst nature, enjoy a rejuvenating pocket of green.

Womerah Gardens upgrade, Darlinghurst

We’re continuing to upgrade small but much-loved pockets of green and parks in neighbourhoods for you to enjoy.

They may be small but the local love for these spruced up parks and pockets of green is fierce.

Whether it’s to take a breather, exercise in greenery or run the kids ragged, these spaces are treasured and more important than ever for local communities.

Womerah Gardens, Darlinghurst
Womerah Gardens, Darlinghurst

Improvements vary at each spot but include new play spaces, shade, pathways, trees, and plants.

To help people move around more effortlessly and provide a greener and more pleasant space, we’ve added more plants at Womerah Gardens, Darlinghurst and improved access between Craigend Street and Womerah Avenue.

Palmerston Avenue Steps and Sarah Peninton Reserve in Glebe now has better access along the avenue with new stairs, a concrete path, handrails, ramps and more welcoming entry points.

Cardigan and Darghan Street Reserve
Cardigan and Darghan Street Reserve

At Cardigan and Darghan Street Reserve you can enjoy the native habitat, with shrubs and grasses and a new street tree. You’ll also find better spots to relax in and around the park with a new a usable turf area.

These improvements are all part of our program to upgrade 60 small parks in our area.

Published 10 August 2021, updated 11 August 2021

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