CityTalks podcast: Thought leaders discuss global, national and local issues

Big cities. Big issues. Big ideas.

CityTalks are free events featuring international thought leaders discussing global, national and city issues.

From climate change and the price of social inequality to creating green open spaces. CityTalks will help you learn, laugh and feel informed.

This podcast series features highlights from CityTalks recorded live at Sydney Town Hall.

Dr John Hewson on political leadership in the face of climate change

If you want some insight into political leadership, who better to ask than one of Australia’s most respected political and economic commentators. He argues that climate change is the most significant challenge facing society today and urges action from our political leaders now.

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Mitchell J Silver on planning parks with people in mind

Mitchell J Silver is a guy who loves a plan, especially when it involves public parks. New York City’s Parks Commissioner discusses the importance of green open space for global cities, especially in the face of population growth.

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Professor Joseph Stiglitz on the price of inequality

The Nobel Prize winning economist argues that growing inequality brings with it shrinking opportunity. But when we help others, our community as a whole benefits.

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Christiana Figueres on how local action can fast-track global change

Fossil fuels were once a major source of geopolitical power, but as we move further toward renewable energies, that’s no longer the case.

According to Christiana Figueres, a world authority on climate change and the driving force behind the historic 2015 Paris Agreement, Australia has a bright future in the new economy. But we need the right leadership.

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Richard Roxburgh on inspiring a more creative Sydney

Richard Roxburgh shares how turning his theatre passion project into a reality helped him become an expert in everything from local parking laws to Portaloos.

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Dr David Suzuki on the next steps for sustainable cities

Dr David Suzuki is one of the world’s best known environmental campaigners and award-winning scientists. In this talk, he shares his ideas about what governments should be doing in the Asia-Pacific, and globally, to combat climate change.

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Dr Connie Hedegaard on the politics of climate change

Connie Hedegaard is an international climate expert. The former journalist has served as Denmark’s minister for climate and energy, and EU commissioner for action on climate. A key figure in keeping climate change at the top of the international agenda, she asks the tough questions: Why don’t we do more? Why aren’t we doing it now? And what are governments waiting for?

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Beck Dawson on working together for a resilient city

Sydney’s chief resilience officer is working towards making an entire city resilient for the future. She talks about partnering with government, business and the community to prepare our city for challenges, disasters and long-term stresses.

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Dr Richard Dennis on creating a just and inclusive society

The Australia Institute is one of the country’s most influential think tanks. The organisation researches a broad range of economic, social and environmental issues to inform public debate and bring accountability to democratic processes.

In this talk, The Australia Institute’s chief economist Dr Richard Dennis outlines how prosperity has exacerbated our country’s inequality problem.

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