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Covid-19 check-in card introduced for customers

The NSW Government is improving the QR code check-in process with a new card for those without smartphones or uncomfortable with the app.

Covid check-in card

A new Covid-19 check-in card for customers launched Friday 13 August 2021.

It can be presented to supermarkets and other essential retail businesses to scan.

Customers can download and print their Covid-19 check-in card or have a plastic card mailed to them. Their contact details will be securely stored within the QR code, which will prepopulate the webform when scanned by the business.

The check-in card aims to make record-keeping easier for businesses.

The card will help prevent queuing, enabling a quicker electronic check-in process for those who don’t have smartphones. It also could be useful for those who are not comfortable using the Service NSW webform.

How the Covid-19 check-in card works

The hard copy Covid-19 check-in card has an encrypted, unique QR code that contains a customer's registered contact details.

Customers present their card for scanning at participating businesses to electronically check in.

The customer's check-in information is directly available to NSW Health's contact tracing team in the event of a positive Covid-19 case at that location.

Quick access to the information protects communities by allowing timely contact tracing.

Customers can now apply for their personal Covid-19 check-in card by calling Service NSW on 13 77 88 or by registering online.

Information for businesses checking in customers with a Covid-19 check-in card

It's not mandatory for businesses to accept the Covid-19 check-in card but it's highly recommended for quick and easy electronic registration.

To check in customers, businesses need to use their unique Service NSW online webform.

When a customer presents their Covid-19 check-in card, an employee can scan the QR code on the card using the same device such as a tablet) that hosts the online webform.

Alternatively, if a customer is able to self-serve, they can scan their QR code and check themselves in.

After scanning the QR code, the customer's registered contact details will be automatically populated in the online webform, allowing quick and easy electronic registration.

Published 18 August 2021

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