Explore Sydney on an e-bike

Expanding cycleways forge path to electric adventures, urban freedom and a healthier lifestyle

The City of Sydney continues to propel its network of secure cycleways, unveiling ever-expanding riding possibilities.

But what about how you get around on this dedicated infrastructure?

Here are the advantages of riding e-bikes and what you need to know to get started.

What are some of the benefits of an e-bike?

Electric bikes are less physically demanding, enabling longer and more comfortable commutes.

In hotter weather, that electric assist also means less sweating. This is helpful for riding to a workplace without end of trip facilities like showers and change rooms or in fancy gear for that special dinner or important meeting.

E-bikes can also help you avoid busier roads because it's no trouble to go the extra distance.

And there’s nothing better than looking up from the bottom of a hill and knowing something is there to help you reach the top.

And then there’s the health benefits. Yes, you’re getting some help along the way, but you’re still getting active, pumping your heart as well as the muscles in your legs.

E-bikes are a great option for riding with shopping or kids, allowing you to carry the extra weight without too much effort.

How do e-bikes work?

Essentially they’re just like regular bikes, but with a battery-powered assist.

That battery powers a small motor that kicks in when you’re pedalling and most models will let you choose how much of a boost the little motor gives you.

Some e-bikes are sold with throttles but these aren’t legal to ride. NSW regulations state the rider must be the main source of power and electric assistance needs to cut out when speed reaches 25km/h.

E-bikes are a popular option for families looking to move away from relying on a car.

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What are the different kinds of e-bikes in the market?

From compacts and foldables to urban cruisers and of course e-cargo bikes, there’s a range of styles and brands to suit the popularity of riding.

Some inner-city families are increasingly choosing e-cargo bikes because of their fun and convenience, easily accommodating kids and pets with space for other items like the shopping or toys and equipment to take to the park.

Peter McLean is the CEO of Bicycle NSW and thinks e-cargo bikes suit anyone who regularly carries lots of stuff.

“E-cargo bikes can genuinely replace a car in urban environments as they can hold your shopping, kids and plenty of other things which a car carries.  We’re seeing young families adopt e-cargo bikes as well as people who want a better alternative to a car which takes up space and are expensive to operate,” McLean said.

The City of Sydney is holding events so residents can test ride an e-bike.

If you’re not sure about making the financial commitment of buying outright, there are options to rent. The City of Sydney alongside Bicycle NSW is also holding several events to help educate residents about the options while getting them a chance to test ride an e-bike.

“Come and test ride one first, there are so many different types and models so learning about them in a friendly and supportive environment will help understand how an e-bike will benefit you .”

Check out our updates and information about other courses and events to help you get confident riding.

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