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From cafes to graphic designers, horticulturalists to workwear, we're highlighting some brilliant Indigenous businesses to check out.

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Did you know that October is Indigenous Business Month?

Why you should support 100% Aboriginal owned businesses

Jarin Baigent from Trading Blak and Jarin Street said it’s really quite simple. When you support 100% Aboriginal owned businesses, that means 100% of the money is going back to community.

“Replace your everyday purchases with 100% Aboriginal owned places,” Jarin said.
If you’re in the market for new activewear or sunglasses or even if you want a cup of coffee, your support can make a world of difference.

“That’s why at Trading Blak we support only 100% Blak owned businesses. 100% of your purchase has 100% impact,” Jarin said.

Jarin Street employs 18 young Aboriginal people. She’s created a safe space in retail that never existed before. Her brick-and-mortar store employs a lot of young people who might want to become business owners themselves.

We teach them everything about business from what it’s like to be a manager to what a stock count is and how to manage stock.

“We’ve been able to really amplify the benefits of buying directly from Blak businesses,” Jarin said.

Aunty Margaret Campbell of Dreamtime SouthernX tours.
Aunty Margaret Campbell of Dreamtime SouthernX tours.

How can you tell if a business is legit?

Simply ask the question ‘are you 100% Aboriginal owned?’

“You're allowed to ask the question, is this 100% Aboriginal owned and make the decision for yourself,” Jarin said.

You can also check the about us section on the business’ website. Legitimate businesses will be very clear about the fact that they’re 100% Aboriginal owned.

Where can I find Aboriginal businesses?

You can see a few Sydney-based Aboriginal businesses using our map.

From cafes and retail to even your new graphic designer, it has a range of Sydney-based Indigenous businesses.

View larger map.

Want to recommend a business?

You can recommend an Indigenous business by filling out this form.

Published 11 October 2022, updated 13 October 2022