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Game on! Tabletop games ready to borrow

The City of Sydney Library now offers more than 40 assorted board and card games for members to enjoy.

Player with table top game.

An exciting assortment of more than 40 contemporary board and card games has landed at Darling Square Library. Our wide variety of games offers something for everyone to borrow and enjoy.

Family games and party games are generally easy to learn. Fun family titles include Cascadia, Dixit and Ticket to Ride. Light-hearted party games such as Exploding Kittens and Sushi Go! are quick to play with simple rules, an abundance of humour and interactive elements.

Strategy-based games and thematic games have more complex rules and mature themes, suitable for older and more experienced players. They usually take 2 to 3 hours to complete, offering an epic, competitive and immersive experience by creating an imaginary universe filled with lore and game mechanics. More recent and popular titles include Lost Ruins of Arnak, Terraforming Mars, Ark Nova, Brass: Birmingham and Wingspan.

Borrow from more than 40 board and card games at City of Sydney Library
Borrow from more than 40 board and card games at City of Sydney Library

Most games are suited to 3 or more players. Some titles have a solo player option such as Everdell, Agricola and Calico.

7 Wonders Duel and Arkham Horror: The Card Game are specifically designed for 2 players. Party games like Sushi Go Party! and Exploding Kittens: Party Pack can accommodate groups of 8 to 10.

Library members can borrow up to 2 games from the tabletop collection for 3 weeks.

Every game has a recommended minimum playing age depending on the complexity of rules or mature themes. Parents and guardians are responsible for supervising children’s loans.

Tabletop games can be reserved using the online catalogue. They need to be collected from and returned to the library team in person. You’ll need to ensure all parts are accounted for before borrowing and returning any games. Fees apply for lost or damaged items.

If you’ve never played these games before or would like to find new people to play games with, come along to our first tabletop games afternoon held on the last Sunday of each month or subscribe to our library newsletter. You can choose to play from our collection or bring your own game from home.

Published 11 May 2023

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