Garage Sale Trail guide for sellers

Tips for a successful day

Each year, around 13,000 households around Australia take part in the Garage Sale Trail. An average household usually makes about $300 on the day.

We’ve compiled a list of basic guidelines to help you get involved.

Send your pre-loved items to a new home.


Advertise your sale on poster pillars. There are 9 legal spots in the inner city. Not a bad idea to pull out your dad’s best puns here.

Promote your sale on social media. The more mates that come down, the more cash and an all-round great day for you.

Think about bargain bins and irresistible deals. Price things the night before so you’re not scrambling on the day.

Clean up your unsold stuff at the end of the day. Consider selling it online or talk to your local charity about making a donation. Always check Garbage Guru to find out how to properly dispose of tricky materials.

Send your pre-loved items to a new home.


Take it to the street. Create a beautiful shopfront in your garage or front garden instead. If you live in an apartment, make sure you chat to your strata or agent first. Private property is easiest, otherwise you will need to consider permissions and liability. Get creative with signs, streamers and other decorations within your own property.

Prepare any food. We all love a cupcake, but you don’t want anyone getting sick from food that wasn’t stored or prepared correctly. Plus, we all know shopping on an empty stomach usually means more impulse buying!

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