Things to do

Get set for The Big Adventure

10 tips from an 8-year-old to have the best day ever.


Sydney Park will become an enormous adventure playground for the whole family.

With action stations throughout the park, The Big Adventure also features mountain boarding, rock climbing, parkour, dancing, sports clinics and hilltop craft flying.

Seasoned Big Adventurer 8-year-old Cosmo shares his top tips for making the most of the The Big Adventure.

1. Go by bike

You can get around the park faster. It’s better than walking – you feel like you’re hovering when you’re on a bike, ‘cause you’re off the ground.

2. Go in the morning

This means you don’t miss out on all the fun.

3. Take some snacks

..and some sunscreen a helmet and a water bottle. And wear comfy clothes.

4. Go to the mountain boarding slope first

This means you get used to the hills.

5. Get a skate lesson

You can learn how to do an ollie and a kick flip.

6. Go to the City Farm

You can take home a little plant.

7. Scale the rock climbing wall

You feel like Spider-Man.

8. Jump around at parkour

You feel like Spider-Man again.

9. Jiggle your body on the dance floor

You can dab, do the worm and spin on your back.

10. Take your family, even your nanna

They can ride a bike to make a smoothie.

The Big Adventure is the closing event of Sydney Rides, a season-long celebration of the increasing numbers of people bike riding.

Bike hire and bike parking are available.

The Big Adventure is on Saturday 9 November.

Published 18 October 2019, updated 29 October 2019