1 significant action you can take on climate change today

As bushfires rage and donations are made, many people ask what more they can do. Start by checking your electricity plan.

It’s simple. But it’s easy to forget, or put off. And not everyone realises just how much of an impact it can make.

Are you on an accredited GreenPower-based electricity plan? Now’s the time to double check.

Choosing the 100% GreenPower option from your provider means the money you spend on electricity goes towards building new renewable energy projects. Providers often call GreenPower different things like green energy.

You can get GreenPower for your home, common areas in apartment buildings (talk about it at your next strata meeting), and businesses. Local businesses, such as Darlinghurst-based Amber Road Design, are going public with their GreenPower pledge.

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If you discover you’re not on a 100% GreenPower plan, call your provider and ask for the best deal. Don’t be afraid to negotiate. And spread the word! More people on GreenPower plans means more renewable energy farms.

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We believe we must take action on climate change. We’re going 100% renewable in July this year.

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