Planning for the future

Have your say on Sydney’s economic prosperity

Our discussion paper sees our city prepared for the future, able to withstand major shocks and stresses, and respond to a changing environment.

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Our new economic strategy discussion paper sets out a plan for how we’ll support long-term economic growth and prosperity in our communities.

We’re inviting local businesses to read the discussion paper and case studies, and share feedback on how we can work together to build a resilient economy. The consultation has been extended to 5pm Friday 16 December.

More about the discussion paper

For the last 10 years, we have actively supported businesses, workers, residents, visitors, students, investors and other participants in our local economy. We’ve done this under the guidance of our economic development strategy adopted in 2013.

It’s now time we prepare our next economic strategy, particularly in light of the last couple of years, and the changes and uncertainty facing our city and economy.

Pivotal to the creation of our next economic strategy is the discussion paper which proposes 4 strategic directions:

  • Transition to a green and circular economy.
  • Build an innovation economy.
  • Strengthen our inclusive economy.
  • Revitalise our city centre.

The economic strategy paper’s vision to build a strong and resilient economy aligns with the City of Sydney’s recently adopted strategic plan, Sustainable Sydney 2030–2050 Continuing the Vision. This sets out detailed strategies and action plans including the Central Sydney planning strategy as the framework that supports future growth.

Visit Sydney Your Say to provide your feedback on our city’s future.

We’ll use your feedback to develop a strategy to be considered by Council in 2023/24.

Published 23 September 2022, updated 22 November 2022