A safe and accessible city

Help us make vital improvements to accessibility in our area

Your feedback can help make Sydney more inclusive and accessible for people with disability.

George St

We invite people with disability and people with access needs to give feedback on the accessibility of footpaths in our city.

In 2020, we consulted our communities for the current inclusion (disability) action plan 2021–2025. We heard people with disability still find it difficult to get around our city.

Most issues reported were related to footpaths and kerb ramps. Specific issues included:

  • footpath surfaces such as slippery, uneven, damaged or bumpy footpaths, narrow footpaths and trip hazards like tree roots.
  • footpath obstructions from outdoor dining, telecommunications infrastructure, illegal dumping or clutter on footpaths and bicycles.
  • issues related to steep and narrow kerb ramps.


Completing our city streets and footpaths survey will help capture the location and further details about issues related to footpaths and kerb ramps.

Feedback will be considered alongside existing condition reports and accessibility audits. This information will identify priorities for our maintenance and upgrade programs, and help make a safer and more accessible city.

Survey closes on Friday 22 July at 5pm.

Published 6 June 2022, updated 14 June 2022