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Hold on tight for a safer light rail journey

As commuters hop on in record numbers, we remind passengers to follow safety guidelines.

Woman riding the light rail (Photo by Transdev)

There are around 500,000 customer journeys on the light rail each week. But there’s been an increase in the number of light rail passengers who had preventable falls.

Tips for staying safe on light rail:

  1. Find a seat quickly
  2. If a seat is not available, use a feet-apart stance to stand strong
  3. Hold on to a handrail or seat back. High touch point areas are frequently cleaned throughout the day and night.
  4. Keep each other safe. Remember to keep the priority seats free for those who are older, pregnant, injured or have a disability.

Light rail in front of the QVB (Photo by Mark Metcalfe)
Light rail in front of the QVB (Photo by Mark Metcalfe)

While most trips are completed safely, there have been a number of falls across the network this year. Most of these occurred while the light rail departed a platform.

For more safety information and to plan your trip visit Transport for NSW.

Published 14 June 2022, updated 17 June 2022