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How car sharing could boost your budget

Learn how Surry Hills local sold his car and saved hundreds of dollars each month

Car sharing

If you’re sick of car repair bills, loan repayments and parking fees, car sharing could be the alternative you’re looking for.

Surry Hills resident Tim, 56, and his wife were all too familiar with the headaches of car ownership. In 2017, they decided to sell their car and become car share members.

“We used to have a small BMW,” said Tim. “It was parked on the street with a permit, but it was often trashed by trees, other drivers, hail – you name it.

“The car had substantial repayments. Plus fuel, tyres, service, and so on. It certainly added up.”

Since offloading the car, we've never looked back.

Like many residents and businesses, Tim and his wife have found car sharing to be an easy, affordable and sustainable transport option. The hassle and costs they used to experience with car ownership are now a distant memory.

“Since offloading the car, we’ve never looked back. It’s the first time in our lives that we haven’t owned a car.

“I like not having to worry about our car. Car sharing is a great no-fuss alternative for us. It’s far more economical, too. Our annual outlay is reduced by about 80%.”

Almost 40,000 residents and businesses belong to one of Sydney’s 3 car share schemes. Members can book a car online, 24 hours a day, and pick it up from a nearby car share parking bay.

Use our car share map to find a car near you.

Published 22 June 2018, updated 26 June 2018