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How social media gets Sydney riding

The City of Sydney’s Facebook bike commuter group helps people reap the benefits of riding more.

Cyclist Noma

New and regular riders are hooking up for buddy rides, tips and advice on the best bike routes through a Facebook bike commuter group.

The Sydney Bike Commuters (Regular and New) group started just over a year ago and has over 2,000 members.

Pat from Newtown joined the group to begin commuting to work in Randwick.

“Being a member of the group is super helpful – I’m not sure I would’ve been brave enough to hit the streets on a bicycle without it.

“The benefits for me are exercising twice a day and I enjoy it so much I don’t really see it as exercise.”

Pat received support from group member Angus who regularly dishes out good advice and encouragement.

“It isn't obvious how good cycling in Sydney can be, so it’s great to have help finding out.”

The group provides a platform for people new to riding to ask anything about how to get started. The most commonly asked questions are about the best way to go.

Group member and long-time rider Virginia from Alexandria started commuting by bike after a friend showed her the safe back street route.

“It was life changing. This group does the same thing on a larger scale.”

Nicholas – who also regularly shares tips and advice – has accompanied members on their first ride.

“Riding in the city is faster than driving, cheaper than public transport, good for your health and your commute works to your schedule not a train timetable.”

The City’s cycling strategy manager, Fiona Campbell has been delighted to see the group grow.

“It’s great to see so much encouragement and support from group members helping people change their commuting habits.”

“All members of the group should be proud they are doing their bit to help to keep Sydney moving.”

Make the first move to riding more and join the group today.

We also run courses, produce the Sydney cycling map and run free tune-up sessions across the city.

Why Sydneysiders love riding

We asked some members about the benefits of riding over other transport options.

Martin, Neutral Bay

“My main motivator was fitness. I work from home and I spend a lot of time inside, so when I do need to venture into the city it’s a good mental pick-me-up. When I drive into the city, I hate paying the bridge toll and parking. And cycling is about 3 to 4 times faster than walking.”

Sarah, Surry Hills

“It’s low cost and a means to include exercise in my day.”

Nicholas, Alexandria

“It’s faster than driving, cheaper than public transport, good for your health and your commute works to your schedule not a train timetable.”

Melea, Cremorne

“For me riding means weight loss, a cure for depression, freedom, autonomy, saving money, improved fitness and a feeling of wellbeing!”

Virginia, Alexandria

“It has so many health benefits, not just physical fitness but mental health. You save money and it can often be faster than other options.”

Katie, Balmain

“So many benefits! Great for your health, it’s free and it’s also is much better for the environment and city congestion (often also quicker than driving or public transport!)”

Published 16 January 2019, updated 17 January 2019

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