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How to switch to renewable electricity if you rent

It’s faster and easier than you think. Learn about GreenPower.

You want to see Australians produce more renewably-sourced electricity. But you’re renting, rooftop solar isn’t an option for you, and you’re unlikely to be owning a home anytime soon.

There is something you can do that really counts: opt for an electricity plan with 100% accredited GreenPower.

Switching to a 100% GreenPower plan is the single biggest thing many individuals can do for the environment today. It’s your fastest and easiest way to go renewable.

GreenPower customers Tiffany and Jono, Waterloo
GreenPower customers Tiffany and Jono, Waterloo

GreenPower gets more renewable electricity into the grid

GreenPower is an accredited and audited government scheme that enables Australian households and businesses to support the generation of electricity from renewable sources. When you opt for a GreenPower electricity plan from your electricity provider, your money goes to getting more renewably sourced energy into the electricity grid.

Leading businesses operating in central Sydney, such as Atlassian and Koskela, have already switched to GreenPower plans. This is part of their commitment to the RE100 program, a global corporate initiative to accelerate the shift to renewable energy. It’s time for more of us to join them.

Koskela, Australia homeware store in Rosebery, GreenPower customer
Koskela, Australia homeware store in Rosebery, GreenPower customer

A GreenPower account’s just like a regular electricity account

When your provider sells you GreenPower, it’s simply committing to source the equivalent amount of grid electricity from certified renewable energy farms.

Most electricity providers sell GreenPower

Although not all electricity providers advertise GreenPower, most offer it. Annoyingly, they often call it different names, like ‘green energy’ or 'pure choice. And it can be hard to find on their websites.

More than 20 electricity providers sell GreenPower in Sydney, so it's easy to get and worth shopping around. Find a provider

Be sure to ask for GreenPower

It’s important to be explicit in asking for accredited GreenPower.

Companies often try to offer other ‘green’ plans, like carbon neutral or carbon offset plans. But these plans are not about 100% renewable electricity – they don’t support the growth of Australia’s renewable sector. See more on the difference between carbon neutral and GreenPower electricity plans.

Use energy comparison sites

We highly recommend using the Australian government’s comparison website Energy Made Easy, make sure you choose a ‘GreenPower’ option. It’s easy to miss.

Tick the box to only show plans with GreenPower
Tick the box to only show plans with GreenPower

Read more handy tips on how to negotiate the best GreenPower deal.

GreenPower comes from renewable sources across Australia

GreenPower is generated by wind, solar, bio gas and hydro farms all around Australia.

Watch the video to see one of the farms in Gamilaroi country, NSW, near Inverell.

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We’re here to answer your questions

We want to make it easier for you to use 100% renewable electricity. If you have questions about GreenPower, or getting solar installed, email us at

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We started using 100% renewable electricity in July 2020. We buy electricity from wind and solar farms in regional NSW to cover all of our operations – 115 buildings, 75 parks, 5 pools and 23,000 street lights.

Published 3 September 2020, updated 12 October 2023