How to take your art to the streets of Sydney

Art & About Sydney provides a gateway for artists and creatives to bring temporary public artworks to the city’s streets.

Just imagine your artwork set against the backdrop of landmarks such as the Sydney Opera House and Sydney Harbour Bridge. Or perhaps you could visualise an installation in an unusual or unexpected corner of the city.

Art & About celebrates the city’s creativity and imagination. Local and international artists bring their ideas, wit and unique spirit to Sydney’s urban spaces.

Expressions of interest are currently open for those looking to create new works.

You don’t have to be an experienced public artist to submit an idea. Submissions are welcome from all kinds of creative practitioners. From designers and architects to established artists and collectives.

Even if you have never shown your work on this scale, the Art & About team has the know-how to take a unique creative idea to new heights.

Here are a few Art & About artists who surprised and delighted Sydneysiders with their temporary artworks.

Nick Cave, HEARD-SYD, US

Set to live music and percussion, HEARD-SYD was an exuberant, explosive performance. The work featured 60 dancers embodying American artist Nick Cave’s mesmerising sound suits.

HEARD-SYD. Image: Katherine Griffiths.

Elizabeth Commandeur and Mark Starmach, Intangible Goods, Australia

What began as a thought experiment between 2 advertising creatives turned into an interactive artwork that replaced chocolate with calm. Intangible Goods was a different kind of vending machine dispensing snacks of mindfulness musings. With proceeds going to mental health causes, Sydneysiders snapped up feel-good packets of friendship, purpose and belonging.

Intangible Goods. Image: Katherine Griffiths.

Janet Echelman, Tsunami 1.26, US

Pulsating high above George Street in the city, Tsunami 1.26 was a gigantic aerial net installation by acclaimed American artist Janet Echelman.

Tsunami 1.26. Image: Sharon Kickey.

The Cracking Art Group, Snailovation, Italy

The 6-person art collective debuted at Miami Art Basel in 2010. Its funky, brightly hued critters appeared at the Venice Biennale twice before landing at Art & About Sydney.

Snailovation. Image: Brendan Read.

Anri Sala, The Last Resort, France, Albania

Set against Sydney Harbour, French-Albanian artist Anri Sala created a mesmerising artwork of sculpture and sound. Designed with this specific site in mind, Sala installed 38 custom-built drums to tell a sonic story of history, place and time.

This work was presented with Kaldor Public Art Projects.

The Last Resort. Image: Peter Greig.

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