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Is cycling in Sydney safe?

The city is easy to navigate on 2 wheels.

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Some people think riding a bike in Sydney is risky. While Sydney is a big and busy city, it’s a beautiful, safe place to ride a bike and is easily navigated on 2 wheels.

Cycling in Sydney is on the rise. There’s been a 145% increase in trips since 2010 as people discover how safe and easy it is to ride from one place to another. In fact, more than 40,000 people in the city now ride a bike every week.

Knowing the best route to take and avoiding busy, major roads is one of the best ways to cycle safely in Sydney. There are often popular cycling routes just 1 block away from major arterial roads. You’ll find these low-traffic streets with separated cycleways and shared paths on the City of Sydney’s cycling map.

You can also use the Sydney Cycleways Facebook Messenger chatbot and discover the best way to ride.

The City has been working hard to support bike riding, building a network to make the experience smoother and safer. There are already more than 15km of separated cycleways in our area. Together with low and slow traffic streets, and shared paths, you can ride safely across town.

Besides planning your route for a smooth and safe journey, it’s also a good idea to take a riding course. The City's affordable cycling confidence courses teach skills such as road positioning and signalling.

You’ll need to wear a helmet if you’re riding a bike in Sydney. It’s the law. A bell is also mandatory, along with lights if you’re riding in the dark.

Ride predictably, follow the road rules (don’t run red lights!) and be visible so that people driving and walking can see you and give you space. Don’t be afraid to take the lane if that’s the safest place to be - and you can ride 2 abreast.

If you’re riding with children under 16 years of age, you can use the footpath.

Remember a few of these simple tips, plan your route, take a course and you’ll enjoy safe cycling in no time.

Published 21 October 2019

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