Join a local birdwatching group

Learn new skills and meet new friends on the Budding Birdos program.

Keen to learn some new skills, get some great new swag and meet new friends?

The City of Sydney’s community birdwatching group, Budding Birdos, will run for a second year in 2020. It’s looking for new members to join the fun and varied program.

The exciting program is supported by experts from Birdlife Australia. It involves a series of workshops, field days and activities to teach you about local birds and build your bird watching skills.

The group is looking for 18 new members to sign up for 8 events throughout the year until December.

The program kicks off with a breakfast with the birds welcome event on Sunday 19 April. Following events include identification and bird banding classes, a Twitchathon and a field trip to western Sydney to see what others are doing in urban bird conservation work.

Fancy yourself as a birdwatcher? Don’t miss your chance – register to be part of the program by 15 April 2020.

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