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Join the Lord Mayor's official welcome event for international students

Learn about Sydney life, services and programs while making new friends.

Photographer: Damian Shaw
Lord Mayor's welcome for international students 2023

The City of Sydney hosts an official welcome for international students in Sydney every year.

The Lord Mayor’s welcome will be held in the Centennial Hall in Sydney Town Hall on Wednesday 6 March. It’s a free event, but you’ll need to register for a ticket.

The welcome event is a great opportunity to meet new people, learn about the support services available and find volunteer opportunities.

You’ll also get to experience some Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures and customs, including a Smoking Ceremony, Welcome to Country and a digeridoo performance, as well as other exciting programs. Plus, we'll celebrate the 24 international student ambassadors who graduate from the City of Sydney’s award-winning international student leadership and ambassador program this year.

Kamashi Sharma Pokhrel is an international student from Nepal and one of the graduating international student ambassadors. She thinks every newly arrived international student should attend the welcome event.

“The Lord Mayor’s event is not only about welcoming international students. It’s all about informing them that we are behind them to support in each and every situation,” Kamashi said.

“Coming here and making new friends and trying to understand the culture is tough.

“And the Lord Mayor’s event is an opportunity for international students to know about all these services with professionals, with experts. They can have a chat and know about the services which will be helpful for them in the future.”

Register now for the Lord Mayor's welcome for international students and celebrate the start of your student journey in Sydney.

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Published 9 February 2024, updated 23 February 2024