Millers Point park honours local activist

Nita McRae campaigned against development and plans to relocate residents

A new Millers Point park has been named in honour of a local activist and founding member of The Rocks Resident Action Group.

Nita McCrae Park honours the resident who campaigned against the state government’s plans to redevelop The Rocks in the 1970s. The plans also involved relocating residents.

McCrae enlisted the help of the Builders’ Labourers’ Federation to impose a green ban on the precinct and stop works.

The park lies on the site of a former bus turnaround area and tram terminus. It’s located in front of Abraham Mott Hall and Harry Jensen Community Centre. The forecourts of both facilities have been integrated into the park, unifying their entrances with the green space.

A new playground was built within the grounds of Abraham Mott Hall.

The park improves the setting and reinforces the green landscape character of Argyle Street.

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