More riders, more cycleways: Why now is a great time to get on 2 wheels

New paths and features are making riding safer and more accessible across the city.

There are now more connections than ever across our bike network with 25km of safe, separated cycleways.

These support record numbers of people choosing to get active in their commute or simply enjoying the simple things like a bike ride with loved ones on the weekend.

And there are even more connections on the way.

There are 25km of safe, separated cycleways in our area. Credit: Chris Southwood

Cycling across the city

In the past 12 months we’ve been busy making cycling more accessible for more people, right across the city with upgrades on 17 different streets.

The upgrades include:

  • College, King and Pitt streets in the city centre
  • Crystal, Potter and Gadigal streets in Waterloo
  • Macdonald and Bridge streets, Henderson Road and Railway Parade in Erskineville
  • Ashmore, Harley, Mitchell and Huntley streets in Alexandria.
  • Portland Street and Zetland Avenue in Zetland
  • Booth Street in Annandale.

We’ve also made some safety improvements that people in our east may have already noticed.

Have you seen the 3-way arrows?

The intersection of Bourke and Fitzroy streets in Surry Hills made safer for people riding. Credit: Chris Southwood

Transport for NSW has improved the intersection of Bourke and Fitzroy streets in Surry Hills by adding a new bike only phase of the traffic lights.

This makes it much easier to get to and from the cycleway on Fitzroy Street.

When the bike light turns green, you can go in any of the directions the arrows painted on the cycleway show – left, right or straight ahead. This lets you know that all other traffic has a red light and is not moving.

What to expect

Artist impresson of cycleway at Liverpool and Elizabeth streets

We’re ready to transform some popular streets in our area and make them safer for everyone and more pleasant places, which will support businesses.

We’ll begin building the Oxford Street west cycleway in October which will provide a 2-way dedicated bike path between Castlereagh Street and Taylor Square.

We will also extend the cycleway on Castlereagh Street further north to King Street and make footpath improvements. This will make the street more welcoming to people walking and riding.

Later this year we’ll start work on a key connection between Glebe and Ultimo, and a quiet way along Primrose Avenue which will make for a pleasant connection between Rosebery and the fast-growing Zetland.

To explore how to get around more by bike, we offer confidence-boosting cycling in the city courses, and bike care and maintenance classes at the Sydney Park Cycling Centre.

View more details more about cycling in the city.

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