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More trees breathe life into our city spaces

How $1.3m in state government grants is helping us create a cool, calm and resilient environment

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Nearly 500 more trees have become crucial lungs for our area as we grow one step closer to our ambitious goals for a cleaner, greener Sydney.

Trees haven’t always been considered ‘cool’ but these juveniles, once mature, will provide important shade helping to reduce urban heat.

This will be key to mitigating some of the harsher impacts of a warming planet with Sydney expected to have a climate more like Grafton in northern NSW by 2050.

The state government’s Greening our City project aims to do just that.

The City of Sydney received more than $1.3 million from the Department of Planning, Industry and Environment, in collaboration with Local Government NSW.

Workers with a tree they are planting in Larkin Street Park, Camperdown. Photo: Chris Southwood / City of Sydney
Workers with a tree they are planting in Larkin Street Park, Camperdown. Photo: Chris Southwood / City of Sydney

The trees will be rising from the ground in 10 of the city’s parks: Alexandria Park, Bicentennial Park 1 and 2, Harold Park, Jubilee Park, Pirrama Park, Prince Alfred Park, Redfern Park, Sydney Park and Victoria Park.

Urban Forest Manager Karen Sweeney says a lot of thought goes into where the trees are planted.

“We consider a range of factors when we are looking at where we plant these living, breathing city assets. We carry out soil analysis to make sure that what gets planted thrives. How the park is used is another factor, as is how the trees will complement the existing environment.”

“We also want to make sure they last, so choosing the right trees for the right park not just now but well into the future is a big factor.”

The types of trees planted range from hardy eucalypts and oaks, colourful jacarandas and flame trees, through to the massive figs, providing a diverse range with lifespans reaching more than 150 years.

“These projects show how we all have a responsibility to protect the place we call home. Trees make our cities more liveable and will help bring more nature to urban environments.

“We’re very grateful for the collaboration with the state government as we all work to make our city cool, calm and resilient.”

The City of Sydney is aiming to increase tree canopy cover in our area to 27% by 2050, planting at least 700 trees a year.

Learn more about what we’re doing in our Greening Sydney Strategy.

This project is part of the Greening Our City grant program, which is funded by the NSW Government in association with Local Government NSW.

Published 15 September 2022