National Bird Week: how to get involved

From breakfast with the birds to the backyard bird count, there’s lots of fun for everyone.

Log in and look up for the Aussie backyard bird count: 21 to 27 October.

It only takes 20 minutes to join the Aussie backyard bird count, and you don’t even need a backyard! You can count on your balcony, at the park or on the way to school or work.

A New Holland honey eater admires his lunch.

Just download the bird count app and watch this short video. You might even spot a rare powerful owl or boobook owl. The data helps us understand more about birds that live near people and the health of our environment.

A great egret catches a snack for breakfast. Image: Jon Irvine

Breakfast with the birds – Sydney Park, Sunday 27 October, 8am–10am, $5

Grab the family and join our environmentalist for an early morning walk in Sydney Park. Dr Holly Parsons will guide you through the wetlands to spot some of the beautiful birds that call this park home.

Holly is a passionate environmental educator who’s been involved with the Birds in Backyards program for over 20 years. She knows a lot about birds in Sydney and how we can help look after their natural habitat. Breakfast will be provided. Suited to kids over 8 years.

A rare powerful owl having an afternoon nap.

Creating habitat havens for urban birds – free talk, Sunday 20 October, 9am to 10.30am

Join City of Sydney urban ecologist Sophie Golding on an early adventure in Forest Lodge. The morning is suitable for all ages and perfect if you want to learn about creating wildlife habitats in our cities.

You’ll visit a site where volunteers have created a demonstration habitat haven to attract native birds and others creatures.

We’ll listen out for birds using the area and record our sightings on a wildlife watch reporting tool.

Suitable for ages 8 years and over.

A superb fairy wren listens out for his mate. Image: Nevil Lazarus

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