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Native bush tucker treats on NAIDOC menu

Enjoy wattle seed ice cream, kangaroo salad bowls and outback burgers at this year’s celebrations.

NAIDOC 18 earth oven

Indigenous food at its finest will provide a wonderful outdoor feast in Hyde Park on Saturday 13 July.

An ancient method of cooking using an earth oven will be the centrepiece, slowly roasting meat and vegetables wrapped in leaves.

The food is marinated in traditional sauces and rubs overnight and then steamed, roasted and barbecued all at once in the underground oven.

Jo-Ann Wolles’ team at The Goanna Hut will look after the oven and cook treats including outback burgers with bush tomato relish.

“Cooking with native foods is rewarding and allows everyone to have a taste of these amazing ingredients,” Jo-Ann said.

The Unexpected Guest Team (left to right): Sara Kahn, Tammie Daley and Jenny Khan
The Unexpected Guest Team (left to right): Sara Kahn, Tammie Daley and Jenny Khan

Other stalls include Meat Brother’s pies, Koori Kinnections, Bakarindi Bush Foods and native Australian breakfast foods from The Unexpected Guest.

Jenny Khan from The Unexpected Guest will offer tasty lemon myrtle health bars and pancakes with wild blueberries.

“Often when people see our business name, their face breaks into a smile,” Jenny said.

“Growing up in the country our family greeted visitors with a pot of billy tea and whatever food was available. We maintained the value of always making room at your table for the unexpected guest.”

NAIDOC in the City takes place on Saturday 13 July.