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New designated parking zones for share bikes

Pilot program aims to reduce clutter on our streets

Share bikes outdoors

Pyrmont and Circular Quay are the first locations in the City of Sydney’s area with dedicated parking zones for share bikes.

We’ve worked with share bike operators in a trial that incentivises people who ride to park in 19 zones in Pyrmont and 8 in Circular Quay or risk further charges or fines.

Users will be directed to only park in designated areas on the operator’s app, with signs on the ground to reinforce the message.

If a person who rides parks their bike outside these areas, the share bike operator will not recognise the trip as being completed and will continue charging the user. Repeat offenders may face further penalty.

This pilot program is aimed at reducing clutter on our footpaths.

We selected Pyrmont and Cicrular Quay because they're popular with share bike riders and are spots where our communities expressed concerns about bike parking.

During the trial we’ll monitor parking compliance with a view to introducing similar programs in other areas with a high movement of people. We’ll rely on continued co-operation with the share bike operators.

Share bike parking in Pyrmont
Share bike parking in Pyrmont

Making share bikes work for everyone

We believe share bikes play an important role in getting more people active in their commute.

They're fun, easy to use and readily available in our area.

But we recognise their operations can impact on people across the whole community, especially people who walk.

That is why we developed guidelines to help share bike operators meet the expectations of our communities.

But councils don’t have regulatory control over share bike operators and we believe the state government is best placed to establish clearer rules and regulations.

Share bikes operate beyond across council boundaries. Without a permit system for companies operating bike share, penalties can’t be imposed on operators.

We encourage residents to report issues directly with share bikes operators as they are best placed to respond quickly.

All share bikes should have the contact details of the operator on them.

Published 13 February 2024, updated 7 March 2024

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