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New outdoor foyer options for cultural venues

Theatres, music venues and businesses that hold events can apply to use footpaths for hosting patrons.

201406JN002-1 Eternity Playhouse

Theatre will be back. Live music gigs will be back. Comedy will be back. And we can’t wait.

We welcome proposals from venues that wish to create an outdoor foyer to help with social distancing for people attending performances.

Outdoor foyer areas must be directly next to the venue entrance. This includes some footpath spaces.

Venues across the City of Sydney area can apply. If your venue is in a residential area there may be extra conditions.

We’ve worked with the NSW Government to introduce temporary measures to make this to happen.

Our cultural sector has been devastated by the effects of the lockdowns. We continue to explore and put new initiatives in place that will help creative enterprises and artists recover.

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Published 16 August 2021