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Virtual dance workshops bring fun to home-schooling

Take a break from class to learn the secrets of the coolest retro dancefloor moves.

School kids, and their families, can break up the monotony of home-schooling with a series of free, online dance workshops from 4 to 29 May.

Hip hop artist Libby Montilla will run 3, 1-hour dance lessons each day from Monday to Friday. The live electro-pop workshops will provide an opportunity for young people to have a break from lessons, keep moving and join in a fun, energising activity.

The dance sequence will be broken into 3 sections, parts A, B and C. This will enable dancers to return again and again, learn new skills and revise sections.

Learn the coolest dance moves at a virtural electro-pop class
Learn the coolest dance moves at a virtural electro-pop class

Libby will provide instructions, demonstrate each move and guide dancers through each section of the electro-pop choreography. Participants will have the chance to ask questions at the end of each workshop about either the dance steps or Libby’s career as a professional dancer.

Also, as part of the workshops, dance company Shaun Parker & Company, will invite everyone to add their own moves to the dance sequences. Each participant will develop their own 8-count dance moves that will be integrated into an electro-pop finale performance at the end of the program.

Published 29 April 2020