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People of Sydney’s cycleways: Ranmalie

We get to know the cyclists travelling on 2 wheels and how they benefit from our courses and rides.

Ranmalie riding

Ranmalie has just started riding and already is discovering how bikes can open up new corners of her city.

How long have you been riding regularly?

I got an e-bike 6 months ago and started riding quite frequently – but only on sunny days!

What prompted you to start riding?

Last year, I moved away from the beach. It was no longer walking distance but I still wanted to go. Since parking at the beach is really difficult, I bought an e-bike on impulse!

So I started cycling a little bit. I decided, OK, I’m going to start riding to work. And I just did it one day, and I was really afraid.

I did the Cycling in the City and the Bike Buddies courses and now I'm more confident to be on the road.

The City of Sydney's cycling courses helped Ranmalie's confidence on a bike
The City of Sydney's cycling courses helped Ranmalie's confidence on a bike

What was the most helpful or most surprising thing you learned on our course or ride?

I was surprised to learn about riding in the middle of the lane. I tended to ride on the side of the lane, so I didn’t hold up the cars but it means other people don’t know you’re there. And now I think the cars can go around me if they want to. Holding the lane is a good idea because then everybody can see you and they know what to expect from you. So, that was a big learning curve. In fact, I've told my friends about that and they’re doing it now.

What advice do you have for someone starting out riding?

Just get riding. There’s no getting around that. And do the City of Sydney’s cycling courses. I’ve already told my friends to come for the course.

What is your favourite experience riding in Sydney and why?

Riding home after work. I have quite an intense role in front of a computer. So, afterwards, I’m really looking forward to riding home and I ride along the parks, like Observatory Hill and Hyde Park, under the trees, feeling the breeze and fresh air – it’s therapeutic!

My partner and I now go and check out galleries and vegan restaurants and it’s just easier with the bike! The bike has made it so easy to explore different parts of Sydney.

If you want to be like Ranmalie or just need to build some confidence on your bike, check our our cycling courses.

Published 9 April 2024

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