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Pet owners urged to be cautious and ensure vaccines are up to date

A Newtown dog has become the first confirmed case of leptospirosis this year near our area.

Rat baits

Pet owners are urged to be vigilant after a Newtown dog became the first confirmed case of leptospirosis in or around our area this year.

The disease can be fatal to a variety of pets and was linked to the deaths of multiple dogs across Sydney in 2019.

The Newtown dog has sadly had to be euthanised after suffering kidney failure related to the disease.

The dog’s owner reported 2 dead rats were recently found at the property. Pets can contract leptospirosis from rat urine.

Be vigilant and ensure your pet is vaccinated

We advise all pet owners to contact their vet for advice on vaccinations. You can also remove overgrown vegetation and accumulated rubbish that can attract rats.

Property owners can also ensure regular pest control is carried out.

What we’re doing about rats

While this location is just outside our local area, we have a comprehensive rat control program in place. In 2019, we doubled the number of traditional rat baiting stations to nearly 900 across our parks and public spaces.

We also introduced 40 new smart boxes that electrocute rats instantly.

Traditional bait stations and new smart boxes are also placed in various locations in response to complaints and sightings.

Rat sightings are currently decreasing

Rats are an issue in every major city across the globe. And we can’t stop all rat activity.

There’ll always be some public areas that require further baiting, particularly where food and waste are discarded by the public.

After a surge in rat complaints and activity in April, the number of sightings, bait refills and rat catches has decreased significantly.

Published 10 August 2020

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