Recycle It Saturday: Our new drop-off event

Give household items like old clothes, polystyrene and electronics a new lease of life.

We all do our best to reduce and reuse. Yet, when it comes to recycling items like worn-out clothes or polystyrene, we’re often left scratching our heads.

Introducing Recycle It Saturday, our biggest drop-off event yet on Saturday 5 September. At this event, you can recycle clothes and shoes, polystyrene, electronics, light bulbs, soft plastics, paint, gas bottles, cardboard, large garden waste, CDs and DVDs, household batteries and x-rays.

By recycling your unwanted items, you’re helping to create a circular economy. Every item you drop off is a valuable resource diverted from landfill that can be given a second life. So you can feel good about getting rid of your unwanted things.

Here’s everything you need to know about Recycle It Saturday.

What to expect

Recycle It Saturday will be a quarterly event, so if you missed any items at home you can save them for next time:

  • This event will be contactless - To ensure the health and safety of our employees and communities, physical distancing measures will be in place and our team will be wearing masks and gloves. We’ll record your details for contact tracing. If you’re unwell, stay home.
  • Separate your items - Before you arrive, group items into different bags, buckets or boxes. Pack these in your boot, backseat or trailer so we can quickly and safely remove them.
  • Stay in your vehicle - Our team will show you where to drive and will unpack your vehicle for you. By staying in your vehicle, you’re helping reduce the spread of germs, and we’ll help you get on your way faster.
  • Cycle or walk up – People walking or riding can access a separate drop-off area.

What you can bring

Clothes, rags and textiles

On average, 85% of the clothes bought in Australia are thrown into the rubbish bin at the end of the garment’s life. Instead of sending textiles to landfill, Recycle It Saturday.

You can bring old clothes, underwear and socks, shoes, handbags, hats, and manchester, like bedsheets, blankets and towels. Don’t worry if your items are damaged - we accept items in good and bad condition.

Pack like a pro: Avoid loose items. Separate clothes in good condition from clothes in bad condition. This helps ensure all clothes in good condition get sent for second-hand use.


You can drop off any item that has an electrical cord or runs off electricity or batteries. For example, power tools, small household appliances like microwaves or blenders, computers and phones. Don’t forget the accessories – headphones, cords and chargers are fine to bring too.

Start filling a box with any e-waste you find lying around your home. For example, used batteries or old DVDs or CDs on your shelf. Old batteries can be recycled into new ones and old mobile phones get mined for resources to create new technology.

Remember, delete your data. It’s your responsibility to wipe the data from your devices.

Pack like a pro: Electronic waste should never go in your rubbish or home recycling bin. Store old electronics together in a box and when you’ve filled the box up, bring it to Recycle It Saturday.

Styrofoam and polystyrene

Polystyrene can’t be recycled in our kerbside recycling bins. This resource is often lost to landfill but it could be so much more. In fact, polystyrene can have a second life as building insulation.

Next time you get a delivery, save up that ‘styrene and Recycle It Saturday.

Pack like a pro: Big pieces are fine on their own, but smaller pieces get flighty and should be kept together in a bag or box.

Paint and household gas bottles

These items contain toxic chemicals that can pollute our land and waterways. So it’s important to always dispose of them correctly.

From dried, used or empty paint containers to SodaStream and barbecue gas bottles – let us take them off your hands. Bring them to Recycle It Saturday or a Household Chemical Cleanout.

Pack like a pro: Ensure paint lids are on tight. If you have several, pack them in a sturdy box.

X-ray, MRI and CT scans

Check if your doctor has copies saved electronically. If you have images you don’t need, Recycle It Saturday.

Pack like a pro: Bring them loose, we’ll take care of the rest.

Soft plastics

Not sure what a soft plastic is? Give your plastic a scrunch - if you can easily scrunch it into a ball, you likely have a soft plastic.

Soft plastics include plastic bags and film, bread bags, chocolate and chips wrappers, bubble wrap, frozen food bags, and green supermarket bags. You can recycle these items in REDcycle collection bins, but we know how easy it is to forget. Instead, Recycle It Saturday.

Pack like a pro: Bring your soft plastics tied up in a plastic bag so they don’t fly away on the day.

Large cardboard

If you have spare cardboard boxes, use them to separate and pack other items for drop-off. We’ll recycle them at the end.

Pack like a pro: Bring cardboard flattened, unless you’re using it to pack other items.

Large garden waste

You can drop-off branches and tree stumps at the event. Recycle smaller amounts of garden waste in the green lid garden organics bin. If you don’t have one, you can order one free or check with your strata manager if you live in an apartment.

Pack like a pro: Branches must be bundled and tied, no thicker than 30cm and no longer than 1 metre. Bring any loose garden waste like grass clippings in a bag. No food waste, please.

Recycle It Saturday is on Saturday 5 September from 9am to 3pm at Alexandra Canal Depot.

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