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Ride or scoot to school for healthier kids

Ride2School Day sees thousands of kids take a more active option to get to school.

Green Square Ride2School Day

Thousands of school children will beat the traffic and ride or scoot to school on Friday 22 March for Ride2School Day.

It's a great opportunity for families to have more fun on the school run and do their bit to help reduce traffic congestion around schools.

Active students are more alert, confident and independent. Walking or riding to school in the morning can really help keep kids energised and help them focus in class.

Sadly, activity rates for Australian children have dropped significantly since the 1970s when 3 out of 4 children walked or rode bikes to school. Today, only 1 in 4 children ride or walk to school. 1 in 5 primary school children are overweight or obese.

However, many families are bucking the trend.

Darlinghurst Public School principal Rachel Privett said Ride2School day was a great opportunity for her pupils.

"The students who ride bikes, scoot or walk to school arrive ready for a day of learning. They often see friends on the way, and this time in the community boosts their sense of belonging. They're also getting a healthy start to the day,” Rachel said.

"For parents who ride or walk with their children, it's an opportunity for quality time and a great way to model safe behaviours."

To improve safety in the area, the City of Sydney is working with Roads and Maritime Services to introduce a new 40 km/h speed zone around Darlinghurst.

More than 2,000 schools and 350,000 students will take part in the national event, which promotes active travel to school.

Ride2School Day is organised by the national bicycle charity, Bicycle Network.

Published 19 March 2019