Spring is here and it’s blooming beautiful

Sydney streets come alive with living colour displays

Spring has arrived in Sydney with our living colour displays now in bloom. Enjoy more than 100,000 plants in planter boxes, floral towers and pyramids across the city – plus an extra 16,000 plants hanging high above in flower baskets.

You can spot them across the city centre and in Green Square, Kings Cross and Pyrmont until 15 November.

Living Colour floral displays at Customs House square. Photo: Chris Southwood / City of Sydney

The plants are grown in local Sydney nurseries before being installed in flower pots and displayed in intricate designs across the city.

Plant species include mint, pansy, ornamental kale, pineapple sage, geranium, parsley, daisy, digitalis, aquilegia, heliotrope, Boston fern, paper daisy, fan flower and petunia.

Floral displays add colour our local area this spring. Photo: Chris Southwood / City of Sydney

We use 100% recycled water from Green Square to water the displays and all plants are cared for without pesticides.

When it's time for the temporary displays to be packed away, plants will be offered as a donation to community gardens, early childhood centres and schools.

Flowers blooming in Cathedral Square, Sydney. Photo: Chris Southwood / City of Sydney

Flower beds blooming in Hyde Park
City of Sydney Living Colour-2641

See the flower beds being installed in Martin Place.

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