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Sydney personalities show off their favourite spots in the city centre

Discover hidden gems and forgotten favourites alongside local business owners including the owners of Hello Auntie and Frankie's Pizza.

Alfresco Dining

Frankie's owner Jordan McDonald

The late-night reveller shows us how he prepares for a gig with his band in the CBD — from getting a Thai massage to "greasing the machine".

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Hello Auntie's Cuong Nguyen

The chef shows us his favourite places to hang out in the city — from a tapas restaurant to a tropical underground bar.

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Designer Danling Xiao

Follow the Sydney-based designer as she visits her favourite spots in the city centre and Haymarket — from a vegan street food eatery to a gin speakeasy.

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Artist Rochelle Haley

Join artist Rochelle Haley on this delightful and delicious tour ending with a visit to one of Sydney’s most contemporary cocktail bars.

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These videos were produced by Concrete Playground in partnership with the City of Sydney.

This is part of our work to help local businesses recover from the economic impact of Covid-19.

Published 5 March 2021, updated 26 April 2021