Fitness in the city: Sydney’s best workout spots

Tired of your exercise regime or looking to get started with something new? We’ve rounded up some of Sydney’s best workouts to help you get started.

Go low-impact

Glebe foreshore walk

Blackwattle Bay & Glebe Foreshore

Exercise is literally a walk in the park at this harbourside track. The Glebe Foreshore features fully-paved and accessible walking paths including 2.5km along the water. Spectacular views of both iconic Sydney bridges are a pretty good incentive to get out there.

Running at Sydney Park

Sydney Park

There are 110 acres of grassy hills and wetlands to wander through in our award-winning park. If you’d like to take your walk to a jog, join in the community-run Parkrun every Saturday morning.

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Andrew Boy Charlton Pool

Andrew (Boy) Charlton Pool

It’s hard to choose just one of our world-class swimming spots, but Andrew (Boy) Charlton has to be up there based on location. Enjoy a relaxing swim by the harbour surrounded by the Royal Botanic Gardens.

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Cycling in Sydney

Sydney Cycleways

Hit the road on two wheels. Cycling is a low-impact exercise and a convenient mode of transport. Sydney boasts more 12.8km of separated cycleways, 60km of shared paths and 40km of other infrastructure to help you get on your bike. Sydney Cycleways runs cycling confidence courses if you need a refresher.

Work hard

McElhone stairs. Pic: @natalieekm via Instagram

The McElhone stairs

As any Potts Point local will tell you, these are quite the set of stairs. 112 steps connect Potts Point with Woolloomooloo below. Head up and down a few times for a full-on aerobic workout, and say hello to the resident cat on the way down. These are just one of Sydney’s steep stairways. Honourable mentions include Agar Steps in The Rocks and Fleet Steps in Royal Botanic Garden.

Turruwul Park Fitness Hub

Outdoor gym

Get serious #fitnessgains with body weight training. Turruwul Park’s new outdoor fitness station consists of simple bars, rings and benches that allow you to push-up, pull-up and jump over various obstacles. Kind of like being a kid again. See also: outdoor fitness stations at Sydney Park, Prince Alfred Park and Observatory Hill, among others.

Get sporty

Prince Alfred Park basketball court

Basketball courts

Slam dunk your way to fitness at one of the city’s basketball courts.

Sydney Tennis Courts

Work on your backhand with a casual hit at your local tennis court. There are tennis courts for hire at five Sydney Parks.

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