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Sydney’s car-dooring hot spots

Being hit by a car door can be life threatening. It’s also avoidable.

People riding bikes in Newtown

Being hit by a car door is like riding into a brick wall – life threatening. It’s also completely avoidable.

William Street – Kings Cross, Crown Street – Surry Hills and King Street – Newtown are Sydney’s car-dooring black spots, with many people exiting their cars without looking for riders.

As Sydney’s riding population increases, it’s important drivers and bike riders realise car-dooring accidents can be very serious.

We’re asking drivers – and their passengers – to check for riders before opening their car doors. You can also request stickers to remind drivers to look for bikes.

Most drivers don’t realise a fine and demerit points can apply.

For people riding, please ride wide of the door zone. While drivers may have to wait before while you ride in the middle of the lane, it’s more important to avoid being hit by a car door.

It’s best not to riding in shoulder lanes. We’re progressively removing these to encourage people to ride wide of the door zone.

You can learn more about road positioning and improve your confidence at our Cycling in the City courses.

Published 24 June 2016, updated 28 February 2024