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Tips for riding in the city

Advice to ride safely and confidently

Guided ride, Newtown

Cycling on city streets requires patience, planning and positioning. Stay confident and cool as a cucumber with some of these tips from our Cycling in the City course.

Tip #1 Be seen

‘Doorings’ are a big cause of injury to bike riders. So bike riders to keep a safe distance from the car door zone, we’re re-marking shoulder lines and removing them in some cases.

When riding on the road, be in the most visible position you can. This usually means riding in the middle of the traffic lane – away from the car door zone.

It’s better to hold up traffic for a few seconds than risk serious injury.

Tip #2 Be alert

Be super vigilant on the road. Be aware of car and bus movements and people walking onto the road. Wearing headphones is not a good idea. You should always keep your brakes covered.

Tip #3 Be predictable

Ride predictably so drivers feel confident around you – and don’t weave in and out of traffic. Use strong arm signals to show when you’re turning or stopping.

Tip #4 Communicate

Smile and make eye contact with drivers. You’ll be surprised just how much a bit of joy and goodwill can improve relations on the road.

Get hands-on practical advice at one of our cycling courses.

Published 17 June 2015, updated 19 October 2023