What you need to know about Sydney New Year’s Eve 2021

You’ll be able to attend a vantage point near the harbour this year, but some things will be different.

You’ll be able to attend a vantage point near the harbour this year, but some things will be different.

Tickets essential for many vantage points

Sydney New Year’s Eve vantage points will be open this year. You may need to book a ticket to attend.

Use the vantage point map to find ticketing information for each location.

The City of Sydney manages 6 locations around the harbour:

Tickets to these vantage points are free and are available from Monday 8 November.

The vantage points listed above will open at 7pm on the night, and you’ll need to arrive by 10.30pm.

Pass-outs will be allowed at the locations listed above. Water refill stations and toilets are available.

Do I need to be fully vaccinated?

Please check the terms and conditions of entry for each vantage point.

While Covid-19 vaccination requirements are not specified in the terms and conditions for sites managed by the City of Sydney, we may need to make changes to reflect the latest public health updates or best practice.

Support local restaurants, bars and cafes

There will be no food for sale at the venues above.

Consider visiting a local restaurant or café before attending. You can also bring your own picnic.

Please ensure you’re familiar with what you can and can’t bring into vantage points.

Local businesses are encouraged to list their New Year’s Eve event on What’s On. These events will be featured on this website.

Many vantage points will operate differently to previous years

It’s likely that opening times, services available within the venue and pass-out rules at vantage points will be different this year.

Please ensure you’re familiar with what you can and can’t do and the terms and conditions of entry for your vantage point.

Some vantage points aren’t listed yet

More vantage points will be added as details are confirmed.

Keep an eye on the vantage point map or subscribe to the Sydney New Year’s Eve newsletter for the latest updates.

There will be no fireworks at 9pm or midnight at Darling Harbour. Harbour cruisies, restaurants and bars in the area will offer vantage points of the main displays.

There are fireworks at 9pm and midnight

The 8-minute Welcome to Country display at 9pm welcomes everyone to Gadigal land. This will be curated by Sydney-based artist Blak Douglas.

A 12-minute display at midnight will mark the close of 2021 and celebrate the start of 2022.

See the full program

There are many ways to experience Sydney New Year’s Eve

If you plan to party at home, you can See Sydney Shine on TV or online.

ABC will broadcast live from Sydney Harbour at 8.30pm.

The 9pm and midnight fireworks will be live streamed on this website and ABC iview.

You can also listen to the exclusive soundtrack at 9pm and midnight on KIIS 1065.

Extra public transport services run on on New Year's Eve

With extra services running and major road closures in place, public transport is the best way to travel on New Year’s Eve.

See the latest public transport information to help plan your journey into and back home from the city.

Your safety is our priority

We’ll continue to monitor the health situation, while working with the NSW Government and relevant agencies, including the NSW Police Force, Transport for NSW, the Port Authority for NSW, NSW Ambulance and NSW Health for a safe 2021 New Year’s Eve celebration.

Information about road closures and boating will be available later in 2021.

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