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Tails of Sydney: Episode 2 – Bats and birds

We look to the skies to meet the wonderful winged creatures who call it home.

What's living in your neighbourhood? That's the question behind Tails of Sydney, a new podcast from The City of Sydney. Join host Brooke Boney as she discovers the feathered and furry friends who share our city.

An egret in Sydney Park's wetlands.

In this episode, take a walk through Sydney Park at night to hear the unique sounds of microbats with the City of Sydney’s urban ecology coordinator Sophie Golding. And Royal Botanic Garden’s wildlife ecologist Dr John Martin introduces us to some of the local birds... including the much-misunderstood ibis.

Redfern-based artist Blak Douglas talks about how bats inspire his work.

And it’s ibis vs magpie when we go behind-the-scenes to hear more about the poll that divided Australia.

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Tails of Sydney is inspired by Something Else is Alive exhibition at Customs House.

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